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Bang out a Vest
Bang out a Vest

Bang out a Vest

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February Vest-Along  Our annual "bang it out" project for the shortest month of the year! Choose any vest pattern and start/finish it during February. Feel free to choose any vest you desire; we'll share ideas to inspire you in January.10% off your yarn for this project, $50 gift card prizes for the first finishers in three categories plus a little something extra for the last finishers.  To be eligible, you must stop by the shop to cast on sometime during the day on Feb. 1, or send us a video of you doing so! Sign up NOW! You will receive a code upon registering.

A few Vest Suggestions: Lulu Slipover,  Holiday Slipover,  or any adult slipover from PetiteKnit, Lighthearted SlipoverBana Hoodie, Cutting Edge Vest, Prado VestLow-key, Sprig Slipover Vest, RiftVest Top (crochet) Agnes Sweater Vest (crochet)


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