CocoKnits Kraft Bins
CocoKnits Kraft Bins
CocoKnits Kraft Bins

CocoKnits Kraft Bins

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Cocoknits is all about beautiful, versatile, and long-lasting storage solutions. These cylinder bins are just that. They're perfect for organizing your yarn, crafts, and really anything else that needs tidying -  from toys to towels. Made of machine washable kraft paper fabric, and available in small, medium and large sizes and sturdy enough to sit up, but collapsable when not in use. The bins have a 3" tab loop for easy hanging or grabbing off a shelf. The white color is ideal for dying and embellishing with embroidery or block printing. Each bin comes packaged with a scrap piece to test dyeing techniques.
Small: 7.5" diameter / 7.5" tall
Medium: 8.5" diameter / 10.5" tall
Large: 11.75"" diameter / 15.75 tall

One Kraft Bin
scrap piece of material for test dyeing.
Size Small

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