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Free Form Cabling: Rio Calina Cowl

Thursday, November 5 at 5:30 - 7:30pm at the Mini Bar

This spontaneous knit is such a freeing knit. It looks so complex, but is incredibly simple.This will a perfect jumping off point for anyone wanting to learn to cable. You will learn the basics of cabling without being locked into reading charts and keeping count. But for anyone already experienced at cabling, they will feel the joy of not being tied to a specific pattern or counts. It will become your social knitting pattern.

We use Cat Bordhi's Rio Calina Cowl "pattern". This was one of her last patterns that was used in her knitting retreats that she has gifted to the knitting community. She equates it with "flowing like a river", never knowing where the cables will take you. Each cowl will look totally different and completely reversible. This for anyone comfortable with casting on, knits and purls. You will learn the basics of cabling, plus a super stretchy bind off.

Linda will guide you through this "river of cables".

PATTERN: Rio Calina Cowl

About 300 yards in a worsted weight, Size 8 or 9 circular 24" or straight needles, and a cable needle.

A small amount of homework: Cast on 64 stitches and knitting a K2, P2 rib for about an inch, plus a knit swatch with a few rows of about 20 stitches so we can practice the bind off.


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