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Lavender Mint - Anywhere Balm

Lavender Mint - Anywhere Balm

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Hand-poured in small batches!

These all natural lotion bars are the perfect compliment to any knitters project bag or purse. The Love+Leche lotion bar is made to put the beat up cuticles, split fingers, and dried out hands to rest for all crafters alike, while providing an eco-friendly, more portable alternative to greasy, plastic pump lotions. 

Emma's skin-hydrating lotion bars are scented with 100% essential oils, we never use any fragrances or perfumes in their product. 

At 0.5oz, the Anywhere Balm is commonly referred to as the Cuticle Cure! By design, it is the perfect balm for getting in and moisturizing all the "nooks and crannies" of the finger and hand. It is especially curated for all crafters that may experience uncomfortable, dry skin in their fingernails and fingertips.


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