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Loom Manistique Scarf Kit
Loom Manistique Scarf Kit
Loom Manistique Scarf Kit
Loom Manistique Scarf Kit

Loom Manistique Scarf Kit

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The Loom

Enjoy knitting this sophisticated striped scarf made with contrasting textures of luscious silk yarn. This pattern is easy enough for a beginning knitter but still intriguing enough to keep a more skilled knitter’s attention.


Thick and thin, silk yarn with delectable slubs randomly throughout.

100% Silk, 25 Grams, 153-164 Yards. Suggested needle size US 3-5. Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.


Matte Silk yarn with a raw texture dyed in soft muted shades. 100% Silk, 25 Grams, 120-130 Meters, 3-4 ply (Baby). Suggested needle size US 1-3. Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. 

Made in Thailand.

This pattern has been test knit by our trusted knitters multiple times and the yarn quantities of 2 Speck and 2 Risoni are accurate and work well at the gauge listed. Some knitters have commented that 2 skeins of Speck yarn is not quite enough to complete the scarf, this would probably be a gauge issue but the beauty of the pattern is that it is complete when the yarn is used up. Just bind off, block to size and enjoy!

Feel free to go up a needle size to show off the textural slub of the Risoni silk even more. Some knitters have knit this scarf with a US 5 or even a US 6 resulting in a looser but larger scarf.

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