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Noro Akaroa Haunui Silk Kit
Noro Akaroa Haunui Silk Kit

Noro Akaroa Haunui Silk Kit

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"This yarn is pure joy to knit, soft with a lovely sheen."

This cabled scarf is created with 3 skeins of Haunui Silk. Each skein is 360 yards.

HAUNUI is a fusion of New Zealand Halfbred and Fine Romney stock, line-bred for generations to ensure the very highest quality. The sheep are never mulesed. From New Zealand, the fleece is exported to NORO, in Japan, where it is lovingly carded and spun. With great respect for the wool’s natural qualities and as per Noro’s exacting standards, fleece is never over processed.

Akaroa Scarf by Sandi Prosser

Haunui Silk blends this special wool fiber with silk.
The wool content is the natural colors of the fleece.

65% Wool, 35% Silk
360 yards / 150 grams

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