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Power of Knitting

Power of Knitting

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The Power of Knitting: Stitching Together Our Lives in a Fractured World

"A good knitter always treasures her mistakes; she keeps them in a special memory box that sometimes she opens to refresh her memory and wisdom."  ~ Loretta Napoleoni; The Power of Knitting

Economist and lifelong knitter Loretta Napoleoni unveils the hidden power of the purl and stitch mantra: an essential tool for the survival of our species, a means for women to influence history, a soothing activity to calm us, and a powerful metaphor of life.

This book is a voyage through our history following the yarn of social, economic and political changes - from ancient Egypt and Peru to modern Mongolia, from the spinning bees of the American Revolution to the knitting spies of World War II, and from the hippies' rejection of consumerism to yarnbombing protests against climate change. For the author it is also a personal journey of discovery and salvation, drawing on the wisdom her grandmother passed along as they knit together.


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