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Selvedge 104 Keeping Warm

Selvedge 104 Keeping Warm

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Unlike the ubiquitous sweatshirt, a hand-knitted sweater employs waste-free construction techniques, comes in an infinite range of textures and colours, and lends itself to renewal and repair. We pit our panel of experts against each other as they advocate for their favourites. Who will get your vote: the Irish Aran, the Scottish Fair Isle, or the Norwegian Lusekofta? Helena teaches us how to knit a pair of Icelandic socks and we delve deep into the iconic knits of Ýr Jóhannsdóttir. So, whether you are a firm fan of the yak or wedded to wool, there is something for you in this issue. Happy holidays ­– and don’t forget to order your calendar before the end of January!

Polly Leonard, Founder & Editor of Selvedge Magazine


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