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The Stripe-a-teez

The Stripe-a-teez

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Yarn Bar

The Stripe-a-teez!

/strīp/ - /ɑː/  - /tiːz/

Our latest People’s Choice make-a-long!

This one is for anything* knit or crochet as long as there are at least three stripes incorporated into the project, and must knit with at least 50% yarn purchased from the Yarn Bar.

*Anything = Sweater, shawl, scarf, mittens, socks, hat,  cowl, poncho, pants, skirt, blanket, or pillow. Literally anything you can make and add stripes.

Registration includes fun tote bag and 15% off yarn for your Stripe-a-Teez project. We will ship your tote bag with your yarn purchase.

Entry(s) Deadline is January 27, 2024. Peoples’ Choice voting will happen via email in early February.



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