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Selvedge 105 Checks & Stripes
Selvedge 105 Checks & Stripes
Selvedge 105 Checks & Stripes

Selvedge 105 Checks & Stripes

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Selvedge Magazine

Fibre may look like fluff, but It carries the weight of human history.  Selvedge was launched in 2004 to celebrate our cerebral and sensual addiction to cloth while promoting skillfully made and carefully considered textiles.
You'll fall more and more in love with textiles every issue, enamoured by the stories and lives of the talented makers we feature. These stories, told through the pages of the magazine, acknowledge the significance of textiles as a part of everyone’s story. The most interesting and evocative textile stories deserve to be shown in the best possible light and aspire to create an aesthetically beautiful experience.
Selvedge Issue 105 Checks & Stripes:
"Although I was far too cool to admit to enjoying maths at high school, I loved its beauty and the magic of geometry. Perhaps this is something all textile enthusiasts have in common?"
Polly Leonard, Founder & Editor of Selvedge Magazine

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