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Ikigai Chibi Paka

bright, fresh, happy colors

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A system that makes soaking your handknits simple and easy.


Intoxicating Fibers

Beautiful fine yarns; friendly and experienced advice. Inspiration for all fiber lovers to make something with your own hands! We welcome you to The Yarn Bar.

Thank you for choosing us. We know there are a lot of options when shopping for yarn and gifts for Makers; we are grateful for your kind and continued support of this local small business!

On Tap at the Yarn Bar

As Thanksgiving nears, we count you all among our blessings. Daily interactions with customers both new and long-standing bring us back for a fresh day every day.

Holiday workshops can be found here.

There are many wonderful yarns to be found in our sale section in store and ONLINE!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly chats - and other goodies like tutorials.

Neighborhood Knitting and Community Crochet on Tuesdays - Join us on Tuesday afternoons from 1 - 3 and work on projects specifically to donate within Billings. 

Keep stitching! It's good for your brain and your heart!

How-to-Knit Series

Learn or review your long tail cast on. Head to our YouTube channel for more tutorials and our weekly video!

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