Yarn Bar always welcomes you to one of our favorite places to hang out. If we don't have a scheduled event in shop, there are plenty of ways to gather 'round, either at the bar or at the classroom table. We also enjoy "knitting in public" and those events are posted on our social media sites and the calendar.

Classes are a wonderful way to learn something new or brush up on a technique. We offer hands-on instruction for all levels taught by experienced practitioners. Please visit our calendar for current offerings and detailed class descriptions, and drop by the shop or give us a call with your credit card to register. The materials required for classes will receive a 5% discount.

Monday afternoons are a regular opportunity to gather in shop and work on your current project. It's a perfect time to learn from each other, as well as socialize. Join us anytime from 1:00 - 4:00.

Yarn Bar Charity Circle gets together on Friday mornings at 10:00, and we encourage all to give even if you cannot join at the scheduled time! We are a registered drop off point for Knitted Knockers and stock two of the required yarns for this non-profit's project.

Look for evening get-togethers on our events calendar and social media! We've tried Movie Night (it'll happen again we promise!), Knit Night at Thirsty Street (it'll happen again too!), and have a few other ideas in our heads. Stitchers of all kinds are welcome to join us - we often say Knit Night but that also includes crochet, embroidery, etc. If you're a reader, you might be interested in our 'Get Lit at Yarn Bar' group. We'll meet every other month to chat about a piece of "literature" that we've read. Please ask us for details or check the event calendar for current book and the gathering date.

Sue and Linda at TNNA

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