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Yarn Bar Gift Collection

Crafty Sheep Tea Towel
Smelly Balls
Lykke Gold Plated Scissors
Yarn Bar Grocery Tote
Laine Issue 19
JoesToes Felted Shapes
Doodle Decks
Doughnuts in a Tin
Mini Piotr the Polar Bear
Sold Out
Mini Gregor the T-Rex Kit
Mini Emma the Bunny Kit
Sold Out
Mistletoe Socks
Smells Like Candles For Knitters
Stash Bucket
Sold Out
Sweater Weather Candle
Raen Fireside Totes
Colorblock Earrings
Sold Out
Boho Half Moon Fringe
Seasonless - Patterns for Life
Jaipur Peace Silk
Circus Tonic Dathliad BFL
Pasquali Cashmere 6/28
Cohana Magnetic Spool
My Knitting Notes
Sold Out
Making Memories
Blossom Bee Balm
52 Weeks of Socks II
Sold Out
Raen Medium Zipper Bag
Sold Out
Addi Heart Gauge
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