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We all love yarn as much as you do!


Ashley learned to knit during Becky's first knitting class eleven years ago! As a newcomer to Billings coming from Mississippi, knitting seemed like a good thing to learn in this cold Northern place. An avid reader with sharp wit and genuine Southern Charm, we've always loved calling Ashley our friend. Her experience with a digital marketing business is especially helpful in today's world, and you'll find her behind the camera as our weekly video "producer".
Meredith enjoys small, simple projects that move quickly on and off her needles. You may notice her favorite pinks or grays incorporated into hats, cowls or shawls. Meredith loves working with wool and often holds another fiber alongside it for extra softness. She is not afraid of a little “un-knitting” or “tinking” to fix a problem and views this as extra practice! Meredith learned to knit when she volunteered in the after school knitting club organized by Sue at their kids' elementary school. We all love her helpful attitude and positive encouragement.
Sara's knitting started in 2001 when pregnant with Second Baby. Her favorite thing to knit is socks, but we suspect sweaters are moving up her favorites list. She joined our team in February of 2020, shortly before Covid 19 sent us into quarantines. You'll find her very eager to help, enthusiastic about learning, and quietly supportive of all your yarnie desires.
Most of Connie's career was spent working as an RN. She's an avid reader, Griz fan, grandkid sports cheerleader, and enjoys British and Australian tv dramas. Connie grew up in Butte and we love her story about learning to knit: "When I was 10 years old my friend Carol and I were allowed to take the bus from the 'flats' in Butte and go all the way to Hennessy's Department Store in Uptown - quite an adventure for two young girls in the 1960's. Our teacher, Joan, was a very sweet English lady. Classes were held in the mezzanine, which was also the home of the BOOK DEPARTMENT! We would knit until noon; we went to Gamers to have lunch, then wander in and out of shops til 3:30 when it was time to hop on the bus and head home."
Many will recognize Susan because of the beautiful jewelry and paper art that she's been creating since 2008 (susangart). That passion has expanded to knitting and we all benefit from it! Susan has enjoyed teaching bead embroidery and jewelry making to adults and kids through Yellowstone Art Museum and Summer Art Academy. She's taught several embroidery classes here at the shop, and enjoys a knitting challenge ("mistakes help the learning!"). Her love for color and texture, positive outlook and cheery personality, plus her desire to encourage everyone make her a welcome part of Team Yarn Bar!