Rauma Finullgarn

Finullgarn means "Fine Wool Yarn" and is ideal for color work with sweaters, hats and mittens as well as for felting.
Finullgarn is a fingering weight wool in a very wide range of colors.
We carry 62 colors of Finullgarn. 
50 g (1.75 oz)/approx. 175 meters (191 yards) / $9.00 per skein
Here's a hint straight from The Yarn Guys:
Pair the colors White and Black together, and Natural and Ebony togetherl They blend better this way.
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400 White401 Natural 403 LT Grey Heather 4078 Oatmeal404 MD Grey Heather   4095 Buttercream4986 Lt Yellow412 Yellow4805 Ginger4115 New Yellow417  Bronze406 Wheat Heather411 Med Br Heather422 Dark Brown 4215 New Green454 Chartreuse498 Moss Green458 Bright Green476 Olive Green494 Holly Green4705 Lt Marine Blue483 Turquoise4023 Retro Kitchen484 Teal4025 Dark Teal438 Dark Ocean Blue4505 Deep Marine Blue4385 Cornflower4036 Azure437 Bright Royal Blue482 Dp Royal Blue474 Dp Blue Violet449 Dk Navy Blue471 Lilac496 Med Violet441 Purple442 Dk Royal Purple487 Dusty Mauve427 Plum444 Burgundy419 Sienna Brown425 Med Red Brown418 Red435 Strawberry Red445 Berry Red469 Dark Coral456 Fushia434 Burnt Orange4205 Orange4305 Bright Yellow Orange4206 Light Peach4571 Light Rose479 Pink4287 Steel Grey4006 Dusk4387 Dk Steel Grey414 Charcoal410 Ebony436 Black