Field Guide #19 Marls
Field Guide #19 Marls
Field Guide #19 Marls

Field Guide #19 Marls

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Modern Daily Knitting


Marling. You know, that thing where you knit while holding more than one strand of yarn at a time.

Cecelia brings us a new world of knitting that allows for all sorts of play with color and texture. We thought we knew what marling was about before we started working with Cecelia on this Field Guide. Well, let’s just say we’re lifelong learners.

This is knitting that is full of surprise, and ease, and unpredictable beauty. We’ve been itching to make these projects for months now, so it’s going to be a great season for that thing we all love to do: exquisite, simple knitting.

We have brought in Cecelia’s favorite marling yarns for this Field Guide, so there’s a whole new world of yarns for us to play with. Three brand-new yarns, in huge palettes. We hardly know where to begin.


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