Yarnivore Stick & Stitch

Yarnivore Stick & Stitch

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Love Yarn? Want to let everyone know? I got you, my yarn-loving friend!

The hard copy option of this stick & stitch design comes with Yarnivore written out in a cursive font, perfect for some simple embroidering with chain stitch, whipped backstitch, split stitch- whatever your favourite line-making stitch might be! The yarn ball can be stitched in completely with satin stitch, or you could outline just the lines fo the yarn ball instead. Totally your choice! And a perfect way to upcycle an old sweatshirt into something fun and totally you.

The hard copy of this product is pre-printed on a sheet of washaway stabilizer, so you can cut out the shape, embroider in the design, and then wash it away until only your beautiful stitches remain

Please note you will need to provide or purchase threads or tapestry yarn separately for stitching the design. 


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