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Soak, Strain and Drain. Perfect for sensitive skin, the Strucket allows you to easily soak, separate and drain with our patented, world-first interlocking strainer and plug system. Your hands never, ever touch dirty (or smelly) water!

This Strucket is for any maker. A sweater blocking must-have;  to hand washing spaghetti-stained tea towels, to gardening and recycling plant water. It can handle the biggest of household, laundry and kitchen jobs. 

Designed to fit perfectly in your sink, it's simple to use - just soak, agitate, strain and drain:

Soak - Simply fill with water and the best agent for your desired cleaning outcome, and then walk away!

Agitate - Pull the strainer up and down to agitate your items and detergent hands free. 

Strain - Easily lift the strainer from the bucket, click into place and separate the soaked items, leaving the dirty water behind. Our famous interlocking connection allows your strainer to connect and elevate above the base of your Strucket. 

Drain - Best of all, when the whole job is done, you just need to release the plug built into the base of your Strucket and watch your dirty water drain away. Your hands never have to touch the dirty, smelly water – perfect for sensitive skin! 

Say goodbye to (some) household mess!

Dimensions : Height 12.01  Length 17.52  Width 12.40 (Inch)

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