Christmas in July: Design a Mitten

Christmas in July: Design a Mitten

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Design Your Own Fair Isle Mitten

Begins July 13, 10 - 12 noon

This class provides the opportunity to explore Fair Isle design on a small scale project.
With a motif book, colored pencils and a creative spark in hand, knitters will design
their mittens on a template available for download. Knitting mittens is a plus, but not a
must. Knitting in the round on small needles is also helpful.


Here is the free Ravelry Download

At least 4 copies of the mitten template (please print before class). You will need
one for each the front and the back of the mitten.
Colored Pencils
DK Yarn in 5 colors to be chosen at Yarn Bar. Options: Rowan Felted Tweed,
Rowan Norwegian Wool, Kelbourne Scout, Tobacco Root Valley DK, North Bay
Fiber Heritage DK, or other 100% non-superwash wool.
Motif cards or Fair Isle Motif books.

Size 4 DPNs or other circular needles. We will attempt to use 3 DPNs to assist
with tension.
Christmas in July: Design your own Fair Isle Mitten

There are four class sessions that build on each other.
July 13 10-12
July 20 10-12
July 27 10-12
Aug 10 10-12
Class 1: Choose colors and yarn. Choose motifs and color in charts during class.
Knitters will be designing during class. The focus will be on color theory, contrast and
symmetry. Homework: Cast on and work corrugated ribbing. Optional: Work on
second mitten concurrently.
Class 2. Begin colorwork. Work to thumb. Knitters will be learning color work
techniques and building skills through knitting. The focus will be on color dominance
and tension.
Class 3. Place afterthought thumb. Work on motifs. The focus will be on color
dominance and tension.

Class 4. Top of mitten decreases and thumb. Knitters will work on decreases at the top
of the mitten and the afterthought thumb . The focus will be on how to knit even
decreases and avoiding holes when starting and ending the thumbs.

Cindy Dell has been knitting for over 50 years and was taught to knit by her Norwegian
Grandmother. She is a TKGA Certified Master Knitter and enrolled in the TKGA Certified
Knitting Instructor course. She has been in the fiber arts for many years, as a quilt
maker, knitter, crocheter, spinner, weaver, knitwear designer, and dyer. If you have a
Ravelry account, you can find her as CindyAnn there, and see some of the things she
has knit and designed. She also moderates the Yarn Bar Patrons Board on Ravelry.


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