...and Proud Of It

Every time we see our logo formatted onto something new we positively beam with pride. And then we count our blessings for the talented Jim Heins (Heins Creative) who took our vision and created the mark (yep, he's married to Linda but Sue thinks his professional and artistic eye plus professional EXPERIENCE was top-notch when logo development was all happening).

And then we ooooo and ahhhh about the craftspeople who recreate it. The most recent rendition is this beautiful sign that Katy of Katrinkles made for us.


She and her fine team have laser cut our logo on tiny little stitch markers and cool and handy tools for these past two years that we've been "a thing". But we've not seen her work on a larger scale 'til now and isn't it lovely?! 

We also had her make sweet name tags and merchandising hangers. It was our absolute pleasure to personally visit with Katy at market. She listened to us "discussing" (a.k.a. arguing) about the name tag shape and assured us that all would be fine on her end.

She was right! Thanksabunch Katy!


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