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Have we talked about Katrinkles before??? Pretty sure, yes. But possibly it's only been one of those longer-worded Instagram posts, which maybe not everyone reads. In any case, our love for Katrinkles products can always be repeatedly professed.

Our best-selling Katrinkles item are these tags. Adorable to stitch onto anything!

People also really like our teeny logo stitch markers; a sweet little souvenir to share with knitting groups back home for travelers if they don't want to break the bank.

We've got another fun branded and custom creation from Katy - these needle gaugers. She started us off with a low-ball martini glass shaped one, then the beer mug, and this year she patiently worked with our edits for the Montana shaped one.

We also worked on this set of Montana Summertime stitch markers, inspired first by the fantastic hiking boot prints that Jim Heins of Heins Creative (and Linda's significant other) created. (yes, that is Stockinette Stitch on the sole of the boot!)


Katy has started a monthly stitch marker set this year, which we think is pretty fun. We had one visitor who squealed, "I have a giant collection of stitch markers!" Too many cute stitch markers in to use on your projects? There's something soothing about the sound of several of them together; use them as charms on a ball chain, waxed cotton, or leather cord! Make one or three into a pin that you can interchange . . . 


Katrinkles also makes very handy mini-tools, cute tassel makers, a thoughtful darning loom, and buttons. 


Organize your project bags with these write-on tags.

 We've only featured some of our Katrinkles' products. Many are available on the website, and you can always call us for a personalized virtual showing of what we have in shop.

Katrinkles stitch markers tags

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