We knit many a Holiday* Slipover in February! They were featured throughout the month on our Instagram feed, but we'll gather all the pictures here for easy reference. It's an addictive little knit, especially when you start combining yarns, because the possibilities for finished fabrics are endless. *Remember, 'holiday' in other parts of the world means 'vacation' to us, so this could totally have been named 'holiday slipover' because you can knit one while 'on holiday'.

Collective Pro-Tips for anyone considering knitting your own Holiday Slipover:

  • A "more dense" yarn creates a garment that hangs a little better i.e. does not cling. For example, Sue made two:  she thinks the one she made for her mom using Big Wool and Alpaca Classic hangs better on the body than the one she made for herself with Dream and Alpakka Lin. But the light, lofty yarns that are out there right now are a terrific option if you don't want a weighty-feeling garment!
  • Put your stitches on hold and try on the vest to figure out where you want to start the split hem ribbing! A shorter slipover actually looks really cute over a loose, flow-y top or dress.
  • Armhole ribbing stitch pickup should be a little less than suggested in the pattern.
  • The suggested Italian Bind-off does make a nice clean finish - maybe more important on a vest made with a "non-fuzzy" yarn. Casting off in rib pattern with a US 10.5 or 11 needle in rib pattern is another (quicker) option!
Now to the fun part:  pictures of some of our Holiday Slipovers!
Thank you all for joining the frenzy of knitting on size 15's in February.

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