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Two Rambles

Over the weekend, Sue enjoyed two long rambles on the UK home turf. Lincolnshire is a relatively flat part of country and is quite agricultural. Fields continue to be divided up with well established hedgerows, and the public pathways and bridleways through the countryside are a delight for Mike and me. He heads out for long bike rides in his solo time and then knows a lot of the good spots for walks to show me when I'm here.

Saturday was a 5.75 mile loop at Wold Newton. It took us through barley fields, along a field of beans, an expansive flock of sheep, through some woods, and the little village. The bull was not in the field, but the tree branch looking like an elbow was . . .


Our Sunday walk was four miles from Walesby to Tealby and back again. This one I've done before; the route is along the "Viking Way" and features the Rambler's Church, circa 1200. It also goes through the pastures of Risby Farm, home of a Lincolnshire Longwool flock. And Tealby village has sweet little tearooms for a treat.



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  • Aah, Sue! These pictures bring my heart joy to know that you were finally able to reunite with Mike in the UK. I remember the wonderful years my husband and I spent in Woodstock, Oxfordshire back in the mid 70s. The scenery hasn’t changed a bit. Your rambles take me with you down the serene pathways and make me forget all the depression of Covid. Thanks for sharing this with us. My best to you and Linda.

    Susan Keyes on
  • I loved seeing these photos! I almost feel like I am there walking with you! Such a delight!

    Teresa Wicks on
  • I love the photos of long walks that you are sharing to those of us stateside. The rural setting is truly idyllic and you’ve captured the feeling so well, right down to the woolly sheep peeking over the hillside. There’s something special about the green fields in the UK and I’m glad you can take some time out to be there and enjoy the surroundings.

    Norma Scheidecker on

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