Who likes presents?

We do!!! And that's why we're starting an every-other-month subscription box in 2021. We're probably on the late side to this trend; there are a lot to choose from to feed your yarn love. We have the details set out here but thought you might be interested in more info about our "On the Rocks Box".

First off, we only chose the name because it goes with our Bar Theme and it's a catchy rhyme. You will not be receiving liquor with your yarn. (But you might receive a fun cocktail recipe in a box or two.....) 

We've got box choices based on the interests of your Yarn Baristas. For instance, if you have a special affinity for projects for Baby, then you'd choose Becky and get three different projects that are kid knits. There's a space on the order form to customize your box - let us know if you're a beginner, what color(s) you strongly dislike, etc . . .

The projects we are choosing will be small and doable in between box deliveries and other projects you have going! It'll be a little surprise present from your own personal friend at the Yarn Bar - another fun way to be connected with the best little yarn shop you know! We have no idea if we'll be over- or underwhelmed with this endeavor. But we like to try new things and keep us all on our toes. All you have to do is look forward to your mid-month box from us in January, March, and May. We will take care of choosing a project and the appropriate yarn, along with a little present and note. Maybe you'll step "outside your box" a little, maybe you'll be making three fun gifts to give, maybe you'll be trying a brand new yarn or a familiar friend. In all ways it's a bi-monthly surprise at your doorstep and we're excited to give it a go.


Subscription Box

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