Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks
Doodle Decks

Doodle Decks

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Pacific Knit Co.


The ultimate way to inspire creative colorwork! Use these flexible mix-and-match chart cards to visually re-arrange and design the perfect colorwork pattern from start to finish.

Choose your construction method, choose your charts, choose your order/colors, and start knitting!

Each Doodle Card Deck includes:

  • (1) How to Doodle instruction card
  • (2) Full color, illustrated schematics with bullet list instructions
  • (51) Unique 24-stitch colorwork charts
  • )(Rhinebeck Half Deck is (24) Unique 24-stch colorwork charts)
  • Custom printed cardboard tuckbox

Basic Chart examples include:

  • Dots, X’s, and Plus symbols
  • Zigzags and Diamonds

Winter Chart examples include:

  • Snowflakes & Stars
  • Snowmen & Reindeer
  • Pine Trees & Boughs
  • Holly Berries (with bobbles!)
  • Merry wrapping paper
  • Vintage Ski Sweaters

Autumn Chart examples include:

  • Lots of Fall Leaves
  • Umbrella & Rainboots
  • Pumpkins & Acorns
  • Spiders, Bats, & Black Cats
  • Witch’s Hat & Caldron
  • Candy Corn & Jack-o-Lanterns

Rhinebeck Chart examples include:

  • Sheep
  • Alpacas
  • Rabbits
  • Fall leaves
  • Apples
  • Yarn skeins
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Cowls
  • Scarves
  • And more!

How to use with Doodle Patterns:

  • CHOOSE YOUR THEME: Pick the Doodle Charts that have the motifs you want! Or pick several chart expansions to mix-and-match!
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATTERN: Pick which pattern or construction method you prefer. Every chart works with every pattern!
  • CHOOSE YOUR YARNS: Pick a skein or two for your main color, and a handful of mini skeins for contrast colors!
  • START KNITTING: Pick your first motifs and colors and start knitting! You can change it up with every new motif!

How to use with Non-Doodle Patterns:

  • Design your own pattern shape and plug in your charts
  • Add a motif to the hem of vanilla sweater, mitten, or sock
Choose Your Pattern: Basic Doodle Deck

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