Happy Scrappy-along!


There's a lot of gorgeous yarn in the world, and we know a lot of us have accumulated 'some'. We either gather it up and it gets squirreled away because we can't knit it fast enough, or we save all the leftovers from assorted projects, or both. We can't tell you how often we hear, "I have so much yarn. I can't buy any more until x, y, or z." Let's dive into our collective stashes and make the Sweet Shop Blanket or the Jelly Roll Blanket together.

Sweet Shop Blanket

Go through your stash to see what you're willing to share. We're sticking to "LYS-quality" fingering or DK weight yarns. Part of the fun of swapping is that you might see part of your beloved project's yarn in your friend's new blanket - another fiber friend connection, if you will.

Jelly Roll Blanket

Choose the Sweet Shop or Jelly Roll for your desired blanket! Maybe you want to try to stick to a color theme? Sweet Shop could potentially involve quite a bit of planning. Jelly Roll could be a bit easier to just dive into. Study some projects on Ravelry and get inspired!

 A few rules:

Bring your shareable stash along to our designated dates. We'll give color and technical advice, and you can work on your project for a bit if you have time, otherwise just exchange and go. You must plan to take your stash home with you; we do not have room to store everyone's yarn!!!

Dates:  Mondays or Tuesdays, March 19, April 22, May 13, June 11, July 16, August 13, September 17

Time:  Noon - 2pm

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  • I think this scrappy is a great idea!! Good work ladies!

    Vicki Hert on

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