A Little Mental Health Moment from Sue

I watched "well-known therapist" video opinion about our collective coping during Global Pandemic Crisis and one thing she said really made sense to me:  we are all grieving the loss of life as we knew it just a few weeks ago. This is in addition to huge life changes that we are all dealing with. It's A LOT, and no wonder the Focus Factor seems to be suffering for everyone I've talked to. I'm not a licensed anything for mental health, but I do know that Grief and Huge Life Changes both take TIME to process/heal. And so even though Time itself is feeling strange, I'm taking some comfort in labeling a part of current life as The Grieving Process.

Here's a teeny personal personal example in a whole realm of experiences the world over ~

I think this explains why my daily walking routine mojo went away. Ugh. I know it's good for everything health-wise, now more than ever. And I've been puzzling over it, along with EVERYTHING ELSE flitting around in my mind! The young adults at my house now are each maintaining a great fitness routine (like running 2 to 8 miles. Every day. And doing home yoga.) I guess we could analyze (and relish) the fact that they've all come back to a comfortable place, that their youth and natural optimism are to their benefit, that their lives are somewhat less complicated to begin with..... but we won't. I'm done wondering about why I'm not motivated for daily walk every day into the "grieving for the life I used to have" place.  And I'll revisit the daily walk routine with time, understanding that some days will be better than others, in all aspects - for all of us!

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