Anticipating Anna

Here we go folks! You know how you have little hunches/gut instincts/"a feeling" about people? We think we have a good one with Anna Maltz. Thanks to her entertaining Instagram feed and her well written, thoughtful articles in our favorite PomPom Quarterly, we feel a bit like we already know her. When we started seeing bits about her latest book last winter, we contacted her with an order. We sent her a little doodle note with our payment. And 9 months later we see her fantastic Instagram post about supporting small creative businesses with our note as the featured photo!!! 

Now we actually have the privilege of HOSTING HER in our little Yarn Bar World, which is of course, connected to a great big creative-sorts internet world. But our corner of that world is quite small compared to many whom we follow (ahem:  Anna Maltz!!!) So we think we're entitled to our star-stuck feelings of anticipation at having such an amazing designer, author, artist, and teacher in our midst over the next several days. We invite you to come by the shop on the evening of Monday the 5th, to work on Knockers and visit with Anna. Let's give her some good memories involving Montana Knitters!

Anna Maltz Marlisle

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