What Popped Up?

We have a new collaboration with Katharine Jordan, Girl-Boss of The Knit Kit, that's been in the works since our visit to market back in June! Many of you know about  The Knit Kit . . . Katie also markets yarns and was looking for a few shops to pop some of these into. We are proud to say that ours was on her radar last spring based on the combination of our website and social media feeds.

So what does Pop Up Shop mean exactly??? It means that once per quarter, a bunch of fresh yarns will appear at The Bar, coming all the way from Cape Cod, where The Knit Kit is based. Katie shared some pics and a few business details with us ~

Katie's the mom of two little kids plus a "moose of a puppy" (Luke the Chesapeake Bay), and she runs her business with help from her mom, dad, sister, Gram, and aunt!

Here's what Katie told us:  "Literally my whole family does it. Dad drives the mail to the PO in his 1972 red VW Bus! Gram makes boxes. My aunt likes to merchandise and sell. Mom buffs each one, loads with accessories, boxes it, and Libby heads up social media.  I do everything else including making and testing each one, talking to shop owners, filling orders . . .  I’m busy but I love it."

FUN FACT:  Katie hand winds each tape measure into her Knit Kits!

Probably the most important thing you Dear Readers should note about the Pop Up Shop is this:  if you see a fabulous yarn in the KKPUS (Knit Kit Pop Up Shop), you should grab it because it most likely will not be coming back! We will always have those wonderful little "Swiss Army-like" notions-in-one-complete-package Knit Kits on hand. 

For our first pop-up installment, we have a rainbow of tonal hand-dyes from Katie herself. We love the color names:  Cranberry, Sangria, Leaf Peepers, Turbulent Waters . . . to mention just a few . . .

 and some sport weight Spincycle hand dyes

This is the real Spincyle, yarnie fans!

All of these yarns make wonderful shawls from little to big, are perfect for doubling up to get a worsted weight "fade" thing going, lightweight hats, washable mitts, etc. etc.......really an indefinite list only limited by you!

So, pop on into the shop for a peek at the pop-up if you haven't already done so. We can't wait to see what you make with these fantastic yarns from The Knit Kit. Cheers to The Knit Kit, a perfect little notions package to help keep your Making Life organized. Cheers to fresh new yarns to inspire you! And Cheers to hardworking family businesses like Katie's.

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