Birthdays: CHECK

We made it through the Big Decade Birthday Year with lots of goodies and so much good cheer from you all! We can't thank you enough for celebrating with us. We've moved along into our 51st and 61st years and won't have to do another round of big bashes for a while. Which means we can concentrate on "the baby" a.k.a. Yarn Bar.

(Random Aside for you:  did you know that we often hear Yarn Barn instead of "Bar"? It seems that desire to rhyme is strong! Also, we've heard Yard Bar on occasion. Not sure where that one comes from....)

We loved hearing that everyone loved their 50s or their 60s, we are the same age as you, we shared a birthday weekend with you, etcetera. We're all wired for social connections and "public" celebrations are perfect for this. 

Possibly our favorite observations were that we don't look "our ages". We decided that it's because of the yarn. Better yet, it's probably because we are surrounded by people who are as fond of yarn as we are. Thanks for being a part of our lives! We wish you all the best years no matter what decade you are in.



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