Siblings report 1.0

Allow us to get a bit brag-ish about Sue's brother Alex, who is a prof at UCLA and director of the Center for Climate Science. He had this great interview this week on radio KCRW. We link it here, and encourage you to check it out. Alex talks specifically about Southern California climate impacts, but also gives some advice towards the end of the interview that we can all think about and apply directly to our lives. Or, we can be inspired by teenagers and young adults in the US and world-wide as they look to their future. 

Here in our little fiber community, the choices we make as consumers of clothing are worth a conversation too. And a lot of people are becoming more aware - the fashion industry globally is not necessarily a friend of the planet that we all share. Buying a $5 tee shirt or $25 pair of jeans and throwing them away after two months is not a sustainable practice to conserve resources for our kids & grandkids. The choices we make as consumers are a tiny little step that collectively could have an impact. ALSO, by choosing wool, organic cotton, or linen for our "slow fashion", then making a sweater, hat, mittens, scarf, etc with these renewable & biodegradable fibers - instead of buying one made cheaply with man-made fibers - we are also making a small difference. Thank you for reading along!


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