Carbeth Cardigan Q & A with Linda

What yarn did you use? I used a true classic from Manos del Uruguay: Wool Classica in the color Persimmon. I've loved this kettle dyed thick/thin wool since I first used it in 2009 in the Colonnade shawl pattern from Stephen West. Because of Wool Classica's thick/thin qualities, I decided to carry a fingering weight along -- this was "Barn Owl", a hand dyed from Round Mountain Fibers' Orinthology Collection. They played well together!

Did you make any modifications to the pattern? Nope. Decided to throw caution to the wind* and knit as written. *I did do a gauge swatch.....not that brave!!!

Did you make any stupid mistakes? But why would you assume that?! Well.......yes I did. It was after our Knitting at the Coffee House; when I came home from Black Dog Coffee, I sat for five hours and attached the sleeves with gusto. Decided to try it on when it was time for bed at 11:30 and discovered that the sleeve increases were on the top of the sleeves instead of the bottom.  WHAAAAAT??? No flipping way! Waaaaaa!  This came out of my mouth:  "@#%#@${&%#}^@%"  - but screamed it quietly so hubby wouldn't wake up. Then I tore it off, THREW it across the living room - and went to bed. All was better in the morning when I calmly ripped out five hours of work in 5 minutes. Everything looks better after a re-do anyway, right?

Would you make it again? Yep, but no guarantees that I wouldn't do the same sleeve mistake again. It's a very comfy sweater, super soft after its nice soaking bath (it did take a while to dry!). I've worn it a lot already, and we had some fun wearing our "same but different" Carbeth Sweaters for a downtown B-town photo shoot.



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