Award Winners!

You may have heard that we received a Montana Small Business Start Up Award last week! It was a true honor to be recognized by the Big Sky Economic Development team and be part of a group of well established businesses from around the state who gathered to be honored during Small Business Week.

We paid attention to the speeches and took home a few tidbits from Kris Carpenter, who was the 2018 Woman-Owned Small Business award recipient:

"Small business is a passion"

"Create an experience"

"Always an adventure"

Yes, yes, and YES! This is our experience with the Yarn Bar so far, and it was so interesting to see those words of wisdom stated by someone who has been running businesses for much longer than us. It was really great to be recognized. And we would not be here without our amazing customers - so this recognition is for you too! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

(We were snooping around the Camelot Ranch, where party was held, beforehand!)



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