Cheers to Organic Cotton

Sue finished the Spring Hill Sweater! The knitting was very straightforward and I can recommend this pattern to anyone wishing to make a sweater - it is well-written with a good schematic for customizing the fit. I used these numbers to help determine whether sleeves needed to adjusting for length and shoulder depth. Why worry about this? Because of the way the young woman featured in pattern photo was wearing the sweater! So the sweater was tweaked by knitting the size S body with size XS shoulder shaping; sleeves were knit to XS specs and shortened by one inch. I was so obsessed with not wanting draggy sleeves that I forgot to pay much attention to the overall body length (pattern body length was only 1/4" different per size). Silly of me, because I have a long torso, so my finished sweater is a little shorter than I'd like it to be. Maybe the model for the pattern is wearing a sweater that is generally oversized? It's a little learning experience for me - reinforcing my knitting mantra that something is learned with EVERY project. This one was more about design/fit than new stitches. But my gauge also had me adjusting needle size for the purl stitches to accommodate larger purl stitches (smaller needle was used for purl side).

The yarn was dreamy to work with, and the color palette from Blue Sky is amazing. That alone is enough for us to want to knit and wear it. But some of us are thinking about the impact our consumer choices are having on the planet. So we'd like to give you some info about what makes this yarn organic;  what does organic mean for fiber? Blue Sky Organic Cotton is GOTS certified. Just reading the GOTS certification criteria shows the harm that non-organic cotton production causes, as it lists a bunch of chemicals, metals, chlorine bleach - to mention just a few - that cannot be used if a company wants to be GOTS certified. We're glad to be seeing GOTS certification more and more. We only have one little planet and we all share it! Please know that we're thinking about this as we make decisions about yarns that we stock for the shop.

cotton sweater

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