Fave Quotes from Erika Knight

In the past few months, we've had a nice chat with Erika Knight, and we've listened to her four podcasts episodes. It is time for a little recap of the several pages of handwritten notes taken. (Who is Erika Knight, you may be asking. Read about her here.)

Maybe it's because we are smitten with the accents from England, but we liked this right away, "My mum was always making stuff . . . my granny knitted, my mum knitted. It was all in our fabric." Here are a few more that we scribbled down. 

"Keep it simple."
"Just give it a go."
"Celebrate that you've made it by hand."
"We are informed by our landscape; it is a source of inspiration."
"Craft is the saving of souls"
"Creative minds are singing from the same hymn sheet."
"Wooly sudoko" (an apt phrase for your challenging project)
"A blanket is safety and security."
"Kidsilk Haze is a Workhorse Yarn."
"Felted Tweed is a Hero Yarn." 
"I do love a tweed . . one cannot be without a tweed in one's stash . . .tweed is the original upcycling" (the neps were the bits gathered up from the floor)
"Brushed Fleece is volume without weight."
"A cushion is the de rigueur for your settee this fall."
"Wool is just the lifeblood for the knitter."
"What's not to love about wool."
"The Noble Bluefaced Leicester...the George Clooney of the sheep world...it's crimpy fleece reflects the light..."
"A tee shirt should not be costing less than a cup of coffee."

We can't wait to hear Erika's voice again, either through her podcast, over a virtual chat, and/or in person. We have a lot to learn from her! You can listen to both Erika and her daughter Arabella for yourself via her podcast.




Erika Knight

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