Good Thing She's Cute

Here's a funny little dog "tale" about Sophie that her mom Lisa said we could share. Hope you enjoy!


Dear Linda and Sue,
True knitting story I thought you might appreciate. 
I'm banging out a version of the Main Squeeze cardigan using Rowan Big Wool in "ice" which I bought from you. I'm working along merrily, knitting in the round. I had nearly worked through my second skein, pulling my working yarn from the inside of the skein and reached the point that I needed to wind it in a small ball.  I laid it in my chair. That was the last thing I did before going to bed.  I came home after work today to find that my Australian Shepherd had taken interest in my knitting. And. Spied. That. BALL. 
Looks like when she pulled my knitting off the chair, the yarn ball went rolling across the floor and ended up under the sofa.  Not sure what made her change her focus because she lives for balls.  She also loves to chew soft stuff.  But apparently my Addi Clics were way too interesting to ignore. My knitting was then dragged over to her fave rug, where she neatly pulled my circular needles most of the way out.  The cable was chewed through next to the "clic" on one side, and 35 inches of my 40-inch cable have disappeared without a trace. (I suspect that it was consumed as plastic spaghetti before she was discovered.) 
Good news is that I was able to salvage both needle ends, replace the cable, and "restring" my knitting, only having to pick up a half dozen dropped stitches. Upon inspection, it seems none the worse for wear.  As for the dog, she is quite repentant this evening, refusing to make eye contact. After the scolding she received I hope she's decided to leave my knitting alone for good. 
Hope this brightened your day. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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