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Cheers to Mayhem!

It's March Mayhem for Knitters!!! The work that goes into the bracket that Team Mason-Dixon puts together is impressive and we thank them for it. This year's bracket will be released on March 13th. And then we go and study it:  64 sweet patterns that were released last year which may or may not have missed our Ravelry Radar.

For this year's bracket we encourage you all to fill it out and bring it to us (or mail it) BEFORE VOTING BEGINS. (If you cannot download and print it out we have copies for you! Also you can use our shop computer to study the bracket.)

When you give your completed bracket to us we'll give you a $5 coupon towards a future purchase.

  • If you cast on for one of the 64 projects we'll give you 15% off the yarn needed.
  • If you finish this project by May 31 you'll be entered into the drawing for a $50 gift card. (*we may add a prize if you're doing one of the sweaters!)
  • If your bracket does not get "busted" and all your picks match the results in final MDK 2019 bracket we'll give you a $75 gift card!!!

"How do I choose???" you may be asking....and we remind you that we're all in the same spot; odds are even in that regard. So just GO FOR IT and ENJOY!!

Cheers and thanks for joining in our shop fun!

MDK March Mayhem

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