Random thoughts on the Yarn Bar’s Beginnings

So here we are. This project will significantly mark the year 2017 in our lives. Part of the initial process involved emailing a few big names in the knitting world to ask about yarn recommendations for “basics” since we didn’t want to overlap brands with the existing LYS in Billings. We actually got a reply--from the one and only Kay Gardiner, of MasonDixon Knitting fame! One of her comments was, “The world can always use another excellent yarn shop”. A solid vote of confidence and a high standard for which we are working very hard to achieve...

Huge thanks to all who have been supporting us so far. It’s a big list: our very dear husbands and kids Jim and Mike, Maddie & James, Alice & Zac, Jasper, Art, Ed, and Carrie, our wonderful extended families, and our network of friends from the many many walks of our collective lives. Professionally, we thank Janine Mix, the Big Sky Economic Development team, Cameron Munoz, and several small business owners, as we figure(d) out the (extensive!) business-y details. And in the fiber world that we have loved for a combined 90 or so years (yikes), we thank vendors we’ve reached out to for their enthusiasm and warmth. This would not be happening without all of you. Cheers!

family Thank You

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