It’s only been one month since we went to Market in Ohio? The passing of time is such an odd thing — and often discussed so no need to dive in here. We’ve crammed a lot into the month and are still managing keep it together, and find time to laugh together. It’s kind of amazing that Linda and I still comment aloud a few times a week that we really work well as a team.

So. TNNA was terrific. We couldn’t cover it all, but we managed to find some lovely, lovely, lovely new-to-us yarns, and reconnect with some tried and true yarns that we had on our lists, meet some great people, catch up with our friend Karen (practically neighbors since she’s just down the road in Wyoming!!), make a trek outside of convention center neighborhood for shop organization ideas at Container Store, visit a fun local yarn shop in another neighborhood (hello Yarn It & Haberdshery!) , find yummy ice cream at Jeni’s, and squeeze in an emergency Target run for suitcase due to excessive samples.

We made it home in time for Linda’s first grandchild to be born! Sue spent that week volunteering with Montana Music Institute for the annual camp, which ended up being good timing all around. We had Baby Silas bonding, supervising teenage MMI student assistants, and decompressing from TNNA whirlwind, as well as some meetings about the shop buildout.

Then we got to see Shop Buildout. Our friend Wally Price is our hero for that. We cannot thank him enough. It was fun to see the plan that we had on paper (thanks to LInda’s daughter Maddie and the wonder of internet because she lives in Australia) take shape with Wally’s capable and experienced handiwork skills. Ahem, Wally does not enjoy painting. So be sure to compliment Sue and Linda on our skills (we’re kinda over painting for a while too).

Oh! We also had such a fun Movie Night! The Art House Cinema was packed with people and movie watching projects! Thank you to Brittany at all at Art House for accommodating us. We’ll definitely do it again and are making our film list.

Thanks for reading along; we look forward to seeing you all very soon when the shop opens!
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