We've Been Open for Six Months!

And those six months have absolutely zoomed by! A little pause right here in Blog World with some words to help us reflect.

The day-to-day running of the shop is pretty much what we anticipated it would be back when we dove into putting the collective jumble of many ideas for the shop into an organized plan. When we look back on that business plan, we see that we've stuck with the mission that we published!

"The Yarn Bar will provide high quality visual merchandising in a boutique setting that inspires our Billings customers, as well as welcome visitors to our city with a friendly and memorable shop. We offer guidance, encouragement, and instruction for customers seeking to create with yarn that is stocked in a variety of fibers, weights, and colors."

Yarn Bar would not be what it is without the love, understanding, physical and emotional support of our families - whether they see us every day in person - or not! We rely upon them for advice of all kinds, good humor, extra hands in the shop, stepping into some extra household duties, artistic eyes, attention to details . . . We may not tell them all the time how much we value them, but we truly do.

The friends, teachers, crafters who have created samples for us, and professionals who assist us behind the scenes are people to whom we also give much credit and thanks to for the success of the shop. Tolerance of sometimes goofy questions, listening to "venting", and thoughtful reassurance when needed have been thoroughly appreciated - and will continue to be appreciated!!!

And our customers - we count so many of you as really good friends with your happy smiles, good "yarns", sharing everyday life ups and downs, humor, interesting discussions, genuine love for the shop, and all around creativity. Thank you for your enthusiastic support.

We're certain that the rest of Year One will go just as fast as the first half. That mission is officially on our website now -- if you ever see us deviating, please tell us to slow down and revisit it. And thank you for reading along!





Thank You

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