Have you tried Flax?

Our friend Karen knits a lot. She's knit several samples for us, taught quite a few classes, and possibly knits in her sleep - haha. She has found a go-to sweater pattern and keeps making it for her granddaughters, daughters, and herself. It's the Flax by Tin Can Knits, a straightforward top-down sweater for 19 sizes.  If you search #flaxsweater you get this. It's a terrific pattern to customize. Here's a post from Tin Can Knits that features some of the hacks they've done with Flax since they released the pattern in 2013 as part of The Simple Series.

With nearly 20,000 posted projects on Ravelry, it seems Karen isn't the only knitter who loves this pattern! Her most recent adaptation was to put a little frill at the hems instead of ribbing, since this granddaughter is "very girlie".

We love our striped samples - in both worsted and fingering weight versions.


Karen's latest Flax for herself features some color blocking with Fiber Seed fingering weight yarns she's gathered over her visits to the shop.

We've sent her 4 shades of cotton to play around with and can't wait to see what comes back. If you've never made a sweater, Flax is a perfect one to start with. If you've made many sweaters, Flax is a perfect one to play with and customize in countless ways; or a really nice comfort knitting or stash busting project.


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