Valentines 2021

Every year I get the urge to knit Valentine themed things. Unfortunately, February 14 falls a little too close to the end of December when all that holiday excitement has passed and I kinda want to think only about myself instead of others . . . so it isn't on my mind really until about the 10th of January.

Then my love of pink and red and that cute heart shape take over and I wish I could knit something for everyone that incorporates one or all of the above. The realities of time hit and, of course, one person is lucky to get anything. This year I did start working on some little Heart Face Scrubbies.

They'll be heading to my daughter for some feedback:  are pale colors better than deep colors? is the size good? Pretty sure I have not made enough. I am sure they'll be used and reused, which is a teensy Valentine for the planet. Our Rowan Handknit Cotton is yummy for these. They should wash well - maybe in a lingerie bag so they stay contained.

They are little enough that a couple could be tucked into an envelope for a valentine any time of the year; we'll see if I can maintain my current enthusiasm!

And maybe I can plan ahead for next year and make these hats to have on hand for lucky valentines in my life . . . I'll definitely keep you posted if that happens!



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