Snapshot: Week 3

As the blogging happens today, I listen to the hum of conversation about foods for bone healing, along with the rhythmic work of stitching as a small group sits and visits; and we have the second Brioche Workshop going on at our classroom table. Their discussion seems very technical, and Brioche is looking wonderful. Kim keeps pulling out samples that inspire.

Our days absolutely zoom by! We're still getting shipments from TNNA orders, we have re-ordered based on what we see you all enjoying from our shop, we had a wonderful visit from  Beverly, who showed us how amazing Blue Sky Fibers' lineup is (we were sorry to miss their booth at TNNA - we ran out of time!). Of course it's fun to look at new yarns, but visiting with a friendly yarn loving person about podcasts, her kids, etc. also made for a really nice way to spend an afternoon. One morning we spent an hour before the shop opened visiting on the phone with Francis, the owner of Cestari Wools, and learned a lot more about his company and beautiful yarn that is selling so well in shop.

Thank you, all of you, for coming to see the Yarn Bar. Please keep spreading the word about our new shop. We really appreciate it.


Thank You

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