Yarn Bar Rotator: First Edition

We are getting really great feedback from customers on the Polka Dot Sheep yarn. We’re so glad to have it in the shop! It’s one of our “local” yarns as it’s hand dyed in the charming town of Whitefish MT by Aimee Alexander, who also owns a sweet yarn shop called Knit-n-Needle. First of all, how could you not like a yarn with a such a fun name and label?
And then there are the great color names that will have meaning for many of you:  Bigfork, Big Sky, Tally Lake, Scenic Byway, Stillwater, Alpine Meadow. The names fit her colors perfectly! Here’s one:  Helena
 A beautiful and rich red that perfectly captures the essence of our state’s capitol city.
 Not only are the colors and color names perfect, but the yarn quality and dyeing are excellent. Our friend Nikki made us a pair of socks and gave it a rave review; and Nikki has knit a LOT of socks with many different yarns, so that’s a good endorsement! 
Another thing we especially appreciated about our first shipment of yarn from Aimee were the couple of samples she tucked into the box for us to borrow for a while. This little Charlie’s Hat has been a big hit; we already re-ordered that “Man Cave” color way.
 We also are very happy with the new Hungry Horse Hat Kits that we just received. Aimee tells us that they’re among her best sellers right now and we can see why!
 And finally, we look forward to showing off our first custom color that Aimee developed using shades of the colors in our logo. We’ve named it “1940 Grand Ave.” but we will keep it tucked away until our Grand Opening in September. If you absolutely must have some, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do…..
We will most definitely continue to stock Polka Dot Sheep yarns in both fingering and DK weights and encourage you to give them a try. They also would be a lovely gift to send to a faraway friend as a remembrance of Montana. Come in and check them all out for yourself, and thanks for reading along.
hand dyed

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