Year of the Vest: Fairisle with Finull, Colorwork 101 Slipover, + February Vest-along

As we started sorting the plans for early 2024, we realized will definitely begin as the Year of the Vest. You potentially could have three different weights of vests on needles! Here's the lowdown ~ let's have some sleeveless fun during 2024!!

Fairisle with Finull. We're very excited to launch a project featuring a classic colorwork vest and fantastic Finullgarn, our Norwegian wool with a 90 color "box of crayons" to play with.

Skills to be either developed or enhanced will be learning & understanding the nuances of how colors play together, fine gauge stranded colorwork knitting, and the steeking process for arm and neck openings.

Liz will be your fearless leader, and formal classroom instruction is as follows:  a class to choose colors and detailed gaugework directions, a class for stranded colorwork techniques, and a class for steeking. We're planning a few informal get togethers for progress show & tell also. The steeking class date(s) will be determined by the group during your second class - we anticipate steeking in early June and/or late August.

Colorwork 101 Slipover. For this, we give credit to our Autumn 2023 First Sweater class students, since they asked Cindy to teach them stranded colorwork for their next project. Also credit goes to our friend Erin for discovering the darling vest pattern we're using for class. 

February Vest-Along  Our annual "bang it out" project for the shortest month of the year! Choose any vest pattern and start/finish it during February. Feel free to choose any vest you desire; we'll share ideas to inspire you in January. $50 gift card prizes for the first finishers in three categories.  To be eligible, you must stop by the shop to cast on sometime during the day on Feb. 1, or send us a video of you doing so! Sign ups will happening soon!




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