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Me Made May circa 1986

May 18, 2018

Me Made May circa 1986

(Go ahead, laugh. At least my hair wasn't puffy😂)

I made a cute skirt this week; the first garment sewing I have done for myself in a very long time! I've done quite a few Halloween costumes for the kids, a fair amount of quilt making, and some other home dec stuff, but no garments since the early 90s. And I was a regular "sewing machine" in high school, after having a great HomeEc teacher in eighth grade. All formal dance dresses were made by me, as well as quite a few less formal things (I worked after school in a Hallmark shop, so I had to "look nice"!!!).

I dug out some old pics and decided to feature the one from Junior Year - yes, I was a Princess Diana fan. And yes, my daughter and I had a good laugh about the style. Holy puffy sleeves and gathering stitches, as well as several layers of fabrics! That style was never recreated by me......

I'll do another one of these skirts though! It's exactly what I've been looking for on an off for a while.


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