Back in the first Yarn Bar Spring, Jim of Heins Creative (and Linda's husband) came to the shop for a meeting about some marketing materials. We mentioned that we thought some cartoons featuring our martini olive might be fun 'sometime' and he asked some questions and took a few notes. The official marketing materials happened promptly and we forgot about the cartoons.
Jim recently surprised us with an olive cartoon a few weeks ago and then . . . he made some more!
Sue asked about the process:
The design and development of the “Olive” cartoons began with Jim's understanding that the character would need to express the joy of knitting in very simple terms – a smile. So rough sketches were done featuring a large grin on a simple olive shape, involved in various activities. The sketches were then used as the basis for digital renderings of the character. The process was simple, straightforward and intuitive. According to Jim, “Sue’s and Linda’s passion and enthusiasm for knitting was easy to translate into a cute, happy olive!”

We have a few ideas for using these adorable characters around the shop (also a few ideas for more cheery knitting olives - headsup, Jim!!). And we know we are pretty dang lucky to have a wise, experienced, and very talented graphic artist as part of the Yarn Bar Family! Thank you Jim.


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    lydylcnsdu on
  • How adorable Olive is, and what a talented sweet husband Jim is. Your a lucky woman.

    Vivian on
  • Oooh! Little felted olives!

    Ann on
  • Oooh! Little felted olives!

    Ann on
  • Soooo fabulous. I see a strong future for these characters & YB!! Jim = amazing!

    Suzanne on
  • They are adorable 💗

    Carol on

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