Collective Memories I

If you're a regular reader of our weekly emails, you've probably noticed our random questions at the very end of each one. Those generally get sent to the group on the morning the email goes out and can generate some group text chatter. The one that created the most in December was "What was your favorite toy?" We're here to expound on that . . .

Ashley's was Lite Brite.

Becky's was Barbie; "We made extra clothes out of Kleenex and tin foil."

Connie's was a ballerina doll that she still has in safekeeping at her aunt's home in Butte.

Linda's was Talking Shrinkin' Violette. Violette joined Linda's family right before a vacation. But it seems like Violette had a short life, as Linda's sister pulled the string too much so she stopped talking, and then Violette was left outside in the rain.

Meredith's was a plush Snoopy dog with a bunch of different outfits.

Sara's was a stuffed koala received on her fifth birthday.

Sue's was the dollhouse and furniture made by my grandparents. My 6'4" grandfather was a retired cabinetmaker with a lot of patience. Grandma likely directed this project, and did the detail painting and sewing of bedding etc.  Birthdays and Christmases brought additional furniture and fueled endless hours of play.


What about you all, dear readers? Any favorite toys in common with ours?


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