Random thoughts on Ye Olde First Year

We are one year in and this August has us feeling very settled into our space and quite busy with more classes on the calendar this fall than last. We've made a couple of "purchasing mistakes" which is understandable we suppose (and they probably they won't be the last ones). We've tried a lot of events and most (but not all!) can be called A Success.

It is still amazing that so many people who keep finding us for the first time! There are people we knew from years ago who are still discovering that there's a new shop in town to locate, and the wonderful folks who always look up local yarn shops when visiting a new place. This is terrific - keep spreading the word for us please!

We wish we could "sit and knit" the days away in shop, but this does not happen! We do most of our knitting at home when we kinda struggle to keep our eyeballs open, to be perfectly honest. And so we are thrilled to see what you all are doing with yarn from the shop. Thank you for continuing to share your projects!

So what are we doing all day if we're not knitting??? It's helping customers, maintaining community contacts, brainstorming new ideas for events, planning future classes and other gatherings, keeping up with backend business, keeping our social media photos and videos fresh, fun, & pretty, merchandising our beloved yarns, tools, & books, and keeping up with the Fiber World. We're also writing and re-writing emails, blogs, and website info! We're working hard to put our shop's own twist on everything we do -- it's not "copy & paste". Days go really fast and running the Yarn Bar is truly a great job for us both. We still laugh at each other's jokes, say a joint goodnight to our shop when we leave, look forward to the next day, and are generally on exactly the same wavelength. 

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