Montana Marlisling

WHAT on earth are they talking about now?

It's all about Anna Maltz and her very fun technique and original patterns featured in her Marlisle book. We have Anna visiting our own little shop in early November for a Montana Marlisle weekend. She will be teaching the Hoskwoz Hat, the Ess Shawl, the Kraii Mitts, and the Selbbob Hat.



We cannot fully express how excited we are to be hosting Anna! She has been on our radar for a long time as a wonderful writer for PomPom Quarterly magazine and as "Sweaterspotter" on Instagram. When the Marlisle book came out we ordered it straightaway . . . and now we see that Karen Templer of Fringe and Friends is organizing a Marlisle-along for September! (Are we on trend or what?!) Anna is also teaching at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, at Vogue Knitting San Fransisco, a host of great European locations, and yes, Billings MT! We hope you are able to join us to provide a warm Montana Welcome to Anna this November - and learn a lot from her.

Anna Maltz Marlisle

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